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aging redefined

Aging is inevitable, but how that shows up on your skin is up to you!

Let us show you what's possible and experience our multi-faceted approach to dramatic results utilizing advanced skincare technology and treatments!

you've never experienced skincare like this... 

Both with over 12 years working in the skincare industry, we've combined our experience with the latest skincare technologies to develop our own unique approach to achieving dramatic results.

we're lauren + rachel

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- Kaitlyn H.

Lauren and Rachel are so sweet and skilled at what they do! Best skin pros in town! My leg wax with Lauren was phenomenal. Very well done and was the first time I had ZERO ingrown hairs after waxing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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- Kirsten

This is the first time in years I have been able to feel confident in my skin. No foundation at all and no filter. Only mascara and lip gloss. Yeee I’m so so happy with the progress already!

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- Tracey

I have never enjoyed facials before I met Lauren, and now I am skincare obsessed. Appointments at Spiral are my favorite form of self-care. Even my at-home routine makes me happy!

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- Kathryn

My skin thanks you! No more crusty face!
I used to be nervous about skin care but now I love receiving treatments! Thank you!
The Lira products have been noticeably more effective than store bought products for me!
I receive compliments on my skin because of you!

hear what our clients have to say...