Redo Your Skincare Regimen!

Redo Your Skincare Regimen!

Why the hype?

Every January we get an influx of clients, new and returning, that want to redo their skincare regimen. They either feel like something is missing, they just stopped taking care of their skin at some point during the year, or are just ready to achieve real results – and you know we’re here for the results! But it can be confusing to do on your own when we live in a time where you have access to just about anything online. Everyone is promoting or sharing products they love on social media, and you’re inundated with advertising.

So how do you know what is truly going to work for YOU?

It can make prioritizing a self-care routine really difficult when you’re not getting the benefits, seeing the results or wasting money constantly trying new things. A sustainable self-care routine is about doing what will work for YOU, and that isn’t always what works for someone else. Skin type, condition, genetics, lifestyle, age and environment are all factors into what your skin needs to maintain health and achieve results. There is no one size fits all for that.

skincare regimen

So we want to make it easy for you!

We’ve spent the last two years combining both of our professional backgrounds! We are listening, and learning from client experiences to develop our own unique approach for homecare. In essence, we are passionate about helping our clients get the results they are looking for and love seeing the confidence that follows when they do. We put together a starter kit of basic necessities that will be perfect for you. This is a simple way to start!

Did you know, skin health and results, like nutrition, follow the 80/20 rule? 80% of your skin health and results is SELFcare at home, and 20% is with professional treatments. We know that lifestyle, budget, and even mental capacity isn’t always in line with being able to receive in-office treatments. And that’s okay! That’s where the consultations come in and we can help with the 80% part. We have options for everyone!

In Person

Schedule online and reserve time to chat with our esthetician’s about your skin! It’s helpful to come without makeup on (not a requirement), and bring your current homecare or pictures of their ingredients with you.


Schedule online to set up a time to chat with our estheticians! This can be done via phonecall, facetime, e-mail or zoom. Whatever you prefer, and we will send you an invoice to pay for your regimen and get your products shipped out for free that same week!

The best part about these? You’ll get the same professional experience either way!

Starter Kits

Our Starter Kit has the basics and necessities to get you well on your way to healthier skin and results. We have a kit for dry, normal or acneic skin! Each kit will include…


Proper cleansing is crucial to skin health. We have four of our top-selling cleansers to choose from, depending on skin type and desired goals. Each cleanser is sulfate-free so it will deeply clean skin without stripping it of natural oils and hydration. They also contain plant stem cells, mineral technology, brighteners and peptides.

Hydra C:

Vitamin C is essential to skin health with its brightening and strengthening abilities. Hydra C is formulated with 4 different forms of Vitamin C, multiple botanical brighteners and certified organic aloe vera!

Anti-Aging Peel Pads:

This cutting-edge at home treatment is exfoliating, brightening and rejuvenating. Our peel pads are part of Liras PRO line that delivers a professional edge on anti-aging and skin brightening. This specific line is formulated to target all skin conditions with designer peptides, refining retinol, and skin tightening poly-hydroxy acids. The peel pads take this a step further with their seven different acids in a healing peptide delivery system! This system increases barrier repair while delivering professional strength exfoliation with less inflammation. Microbiome balancing probiotics make these incredible for treating all grades of acne! You can expect to see brightening, firming, texture refinement and healthier skin immediately with these. The obsession is VERY real here which is why we had to include them in our starter kit!!


A skincare basic, and necessity to healthy skin and any treatment plan with us! Why Lira’s SPF? Lira uses a new technology that protects skin from future damage using the latest generation of peptides. They offer an oil-free, tinted and hydrating SPF 30. Every formulation contains ingredients to rejuvenate, nourish, protect, and prevent sun AND heat-induced inflammation and pigmentation. Also, they are reef safe, feel great on your skin and are non-worry when it comes to sweating!

What’s Next?

Whether you’re ready to discover your full skin potential or just want to redo your regimen, our starter kits offer the best of the best to get you going! Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with us so one of our clinical estheticians can help you decide what kit is best! If you’re ready to take it a step further and want to focus on building an even more power-packed skincare regimen, let us know in your consultation or schedule our New Client Skin Treatment to get started!

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