Just like the muscles in our body weaken without activity, so do the muscles in our face. As muscles weaken and shrink, skin begins to sag and structures change.  Certain types of aging can appear more prominently from person to person due to several different factors such as genetics, environmental exposures, lifestyle and habits. BUT, there are now solutions to treat every single one of them. 

How microcurrent can help:

  • Muscles are strengthened and re-educated for a lifted appearance 
  • Circulation increases to reduce puffiness
  • Stimulates cellular healing + rejuvenation for healthy skin
  • Increase in cellular energy and hydration levels to repair, plump, and preserve cellular health 
  • Fascia tension is released to smooth wrinkles 
  • Collagen production is boosted to give natural volume

Electricity is how the cells in our body communicate. Our brain, heart, cells are all electrically active, and microcurrent mimics these bio electrical rhythms. As you get older, your cellular charge diminishes. With microcurrent, while gentle and precise multi-channel pulses are interacting with the deepest layers of the skin, electrical pulses accelerate water intake to the skin's cells. Cue instant plumping + lifting! 

Intracellular hydration is essential for cell function and energy production. So what happens when hydration levels increase? A little something called ATP increases, and ATP is our cellular currency. It’s generated, stored and consumed for healthy cell function and regeneration. As we age, cell function degenerates and we lose that currency. If we can maintain hydration at the intracellular level, we get our currency back and will not only be able to slow down the aging process, BUT we can reverse it! 

What to expect from your first treatment?

Think of this as a unique lift + contour experience! It’s a 40 minute treatment where you’ll get to experience those electrical pulses doing all the work for you to strengthen those facial muscles while you lay back and relax. You’ll be walking away from your microcurrent treatment with visibly plumper skin, and may even experience slightly lifted cheeks and brows, softened lines, and more definition around your jawline! 

We’ve had clients notice results for several days following their first treatment. Now if you want those results to stick around, you need to commit to a series! 

What to expect from a series?

With any skin program, it’s important to remember that results vary. Everyone’s starting point is different and your current skin condition, genetics, health history, lifestyle and environment are all factors in how you age and how your skin responds to treatments. 

A series looks different for each client depending on the level of correction needed. For those looking to preserve and maintain, a series of treatments 1x a week for several weeks may be enough. For more intensive correction a series of treatments 2-3x a week for 5-6 weeks is a starting point. 

Think back to how microcurrent is an exercise for your face. You have to keep up on those exercises to see results as we’re beginning to correct signs of aging.

This is where the experience of your esthetician comes in. At spiral, we utilize several treatment modalities and formulate treatment plans unique to each and every client when treating aging skin! The possibilities are endless.

Microcurrent corrects and preserve your skin, muscles and volume, and all with NO down-time. Think of it as a workout for your face!

It uses low level electrical currents that mimic our own body’s natural bio-electrical rhythms. While these gentle and precise multi-channel pulses from the microcurrent are interacting with the deepest layers of the skin, this is what’s happening: 

How does this
happen? ENERGY.

How does this ✨magic✨ happen? ENERGY.

These types of aging have all historically been difficult to treat without more extreme measures such as injections or surgery, but as technology has advanced, so have the non-invasive options for aging on your own terms. 

What can these types of aging look like? 

  • Expression lines remaining at rest
  • Deeper banded wrinkles across the forehead, between and around the eyes, as well as folds around the mouth
  • Fat deposits developing (ie. jowls, turkey neck, and bags under the eyes)
  • Shrunken cheekbones and hollowing under the eyes from loss of volume
  • Sagging, loose skin and textural changes on the face and neck

Before & Afters

Age: 72

Number of treatments: 12

"I quickly noticed wrinkles above my eyebrows smooth out, and my neck and jaw line is dramatically different!"

Age: 63

Number of treatments: 7

"I noticed a more youthful appearance with diminished fine lines, softened crows feet, tighter neck area, improved texture and tone of my skin, and a reduction of loose looking skin under my chin!"

Interested in microcurrent?

During some parts of the treatment you will feel no stimulation, just a massage experience from the hand tools. Other settings create an electrical static sensation, muscle contractions + pulling, or a metallic taste in the mouth. All treatments are customized to your comfort level and treatment results desired. 

What does it feel like?

Absolutely! Our mini microcurrent treatments and add-ons are designed to focus solely on those areas that bother you and appear to be aging faster than the rest!


  1. NeurotriS™ is the #1 leader for professional microcurrent machines used for anti-aging. 

Neurotris’ Dynamic Intelligence Microcurrent uses patented constant waveform technology that delivers faster, sustainable results. 

It is the only system that can factor in the skin's impedance level and adjust the signals to target select tissue depths while providing the optimal levels of micro current. 

Neutrotris microcurrent uses an engineered design that offers 4 channels or independent pathways as well as skin impedance data to determine the specific wavelengths needed for each channel signal. This can give results 4 times faster due to unimpeded multi channels. Most microcurrent machines offer one channel or fixed impedance rather than customized settings. 

Why Neurotris?

Enjoying botox and fillers? That’s totally fine! Just make sure to notify your practitioner and allow for two weeks between injections and your microcurrent treatment or series.
What if we told you microcurrent treatments could prolong the lifespan of your botox and filler, or eliminate the need for treatment in certain areas altogether? It'd be a game changer right?! Well microcurrent does exactly that. The no downtime, no needle, no toxin tightening treatment. Sign us all up….

Facial aesthetics is up to you, YOU get to choose how you want to age and what treatments belong on your journey.


Absolutely! We recommend seasonal, if not monthly microcurrent treatments for preventative aging. Why? Just like working out keeps everything firm, tight, and healthy, microcurrent is doing the same by strengthening facial muscles, keeping fascia healthy and cells regenerating at their optimal rate.


  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart conditions
  • Pacemaker
  • Metal plates or pins
  • Excessive fillings or bridgework
  • Cancer within the last 2 years
  • Thrombosis
  • Diabetes
  • Recent Botox or fillers (please wait at least two weeks)

Are there contraindications?