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Find Your Perfect Retinol Formulation!

Whether you are just dipping your toe in the retinol pool, or you’ve tried it in the past, we want to help you find the perfect retinol formulation. The correct formulation for YOU will address your skin condition and concerns while quickly getting you closer to achieving your skin goals! 

—Want to know more about why Retinol is so important for our skin? Read our Retinol Basics blog HERE!

The results you can expect from retinol aren’t just based on the strength of the product or what form of retinol you’re using, but also how it is delivered into your skin. The effectiveness of your retinol treatment and your results long-term rely largely on its ability to reach the cells. This is why we recommend Lira Clinical retinols! 

Why Lira Retinols?

Lira Clinical is the global leader in brightening and corrective skincare! All of their products are formulated with the latest innovations in ingredient technology. Not only do they provide the highest quality of pure ingredients found in nature, they also formulate with the highest concentration of ingredients. 

This is why their retinol formulations are so effective. Retinol is a key component in not only maintaining healthy skin function but in treating skin concerns and conditions. 

There is a lot of misinformation and misleading testimonials about retinol. The thing is, like all corrective skincare, formulations matter

The formulations we recommend have appropriate concentrations of retinoids, in a delivery system that has the ability to improve your skin conditions without the irritation that often accompanies tretinoin formulations. Here are our options!

Your Retinol Options:

PRO C4 Retinol: A refining resurfacing serum for skin prevention, maintenance, and gentle correction of aging, acne, and pigmented skin.

*Our gentlest retinol. A great place to start if you’ve never tried a retinol before or need something more mild during the summer months!


  • a 1% retinol and 20% vitamin c blend 
  • Ideal for younger skin: treats the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation issues and environmentally damaged skin as well as acne 
  • Usage: Safe to apply every night. Can also be used twice a day if needed for added correction.

Pro Retinal-Plus Treatment: A triple threat in the fight against aging. A moisturizing retinal with brand new plant stem cells, an advanced delivery system, and brighteners. Perfect for those who have irritation with other formulas!

Our top-seller! This anti-inflammatory and brightening formula gives you all the benefits of retinol, without any irritation or dryness!


  • Formulated with advanced stabilizing delivery molecules to ensure your skin can properly absorb the retinal and receive the full anti-aging benefit
  • Their new skin delivery system releases calcium to assist in rapid skin cell regeneration to repair sun damage, acne and aging 
  • Ideal for treating wrinkles, pigment disorders, sensitive/dry skin, acne or damaged skin
  • Usage: We recommend starting every other night, but is safe to use nightly or multiple nights in a row for some skin types

Retinol Creme: Lira’s strongest retinol! Perfect for more intense resurfacing, brightening and tightening. 

*Recommended for those with advanced skin concerns or cystic acne, and as a chemical peel prep product for those with oily, thick, and acneic skin. 


  • 3% retinol, 7% lactic acid 
  • Combines plant stem cells, antioxidants and vitamin E
  • Ideal for treating wrinkles, pigment disorders, uneven skin tone, acne, and environmentally damaged skin
  • Usage: 3 nights a week. Can increase to more if skin can tolerate it.

Retinol is an essential in our book! Not only does it speed up cellular turnover for healthy aging, it increases exfoliation which improves overall absorption and effectiveness of your other skincare products! 

—For Retinol veterans, check out our skin cycling blog!

Ready to get started? Shop our retinol collection, HERE! Or schedule with one of our estheticians HERE to get expert advice on how to get the most out of your retinol!

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