Skin Cycling

Skin cycling- a new way to look at your skincare routine! 

Skin cycling is trending in the esthetic world thanks to Dermatologist Dr Charlotte Bowe and TikTok influencers praising her for their “filter-free + flawless” skin! We loved the idea, so naturally all of us at SPIRAL, along with some of our clients, had to give this a try! So far, we’re here for this trend! And our clients are, too!

What is skin cycling?

First off, it simplifies your night-time skin routine! And as enthusiasts of keeping skincare simple, we’re all about this skin simplified process. Skin cycling is a 3-4 night cycle that you continuously repeat. It separates your exfoliation night from your corrective treatment night with one to two nights of nourishment following. So, instead of applying all of your skincare nightly, or trying to guess which products you need, it’s a methodical routine that gives your skin time for corrective ingredients, and time to repair.

No more guessing games when it comes to your nightly routine! It’s simple, easy to remember and looks like this:

Night 1: Chemical Exfoliation 
Night 2: Retinol
Night 3: Replenish
Night 4: Replenish

Skin Cycling KEY components: 

  • a cleanser 
  • moisturizer suited to your skin type 
  • a chemical exfoliant 
  • a retinol 
  • & whatever serums to target other skin concerns

Skin Cycling at Spiral! 

-Illuminating Cleanser or Enzyme Cleanser 
-Anti-Aging Peel Pads
-Retinol Creme or Retinal Plus 
-Lift Creme or Caviar Cream

As for serums, those are individual to your skin conditions, concerns and goals! Here are a few of our recommendations for boosting your routine!

Brightening: Prolite Serum
Firming: Firming Serum
Boost moisture: Beauty Oil
Slugging: Recovery Balm
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydra infusion
Sleeping Mask: Hydrating Mineral Mask

Dealing with acne? Add in the Sal Cleanser to alternate with your gentle cleanser, and trade the Lift Creme or Caviar Creme for Balancing Lotion!

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