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Hi, We're Lauren & Rachel.
Self-care, skincare and wellness enthusiasts! We're your resource for all the tips, tricks and products for healthy skin!


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Do you want a personalized blueprint to reach your skincare goals?

No more guessing. We want to give you the expert advice you need and consultations are our favorite way to do that.

Why a Virtual Consultation?

In today’s world of endless skincare products available to try, constant trends, and everyone with their own opinion of what works, it can get overwhelming.

A lot of women feel confused about what their skin actually needs, what products are even worth it or what would make a noticeable change in their skin.

Relatable? You’re not alone. This is where a consultation comes in. 

At the core, our clients typically want one, if not all, of the below…

  • Healthier looking skin. 
  • To age on their own terms- you know, in ways that align with their values, their lifestyle and their budget.
  • Not have to rely on harsh treatments or injectables only.
  • To know exactly what products they need, what ones they don’t and if what they’re using is working. 

All of this is possible and we want to give you the blueprint to get there. Skincare plays a key role in how you visibly age, and products matter more than you might think. A common problem is not knowing if your skincare products are working for you or against you.

For you, they’re preserving healthy skin function, keeping your barrier happy, and protecting your skin from stressors that cause aging and other skin conditions. 

Against you, they’re not protecting your skin, and potentially disrupting barrier functions that make you vulnerable to skin conditions such as rosacea, dark spots, dry patches, excess oil, redness, and premature aging.  

We want to help you find out.

This is why we are so passionate about skincare education at SPIRAL. We want to clear the confusion and guide you to find the missing pieces that are keeping you from getting the results you want.

Here’s an example of a client that came to us with barrier imbalances. Three weeks using a personalized regimen created by us and her barrier health improved significantly! Calming redness, minimizing texture and brightening her skin tone.

Skin is not one size fits all. Everyone has different concerns, different routines, and different lifestyles. 

It is our passion to work together with our clients to find what will make the biggest change, while keeping their unique needs front of mind

What will a consultation look like FOR YOU?

We provide our clients with the information they need and offer tools and solutions to get them the results THEY want. 

Your consultation will be a one on one deep dive into your unique skin + health history, lifestyle, and overall skincare goals. We want to get to know YOU. 

We’ll also…

  • Assess your current regimen. Do you need to change how you’re using your products? Do you need to add or remove any products or specific ingredients?
  • Use your goals as our roadmap. We will determine exactly what you want + need from your regimen and how to get there.
  • Work together. Everyone’s steps are different, but we will continue to be with you along the way. Skin health is a journey, and we create long-term relationships with our clients to not only provide results, but keep them, no matter how their skin changes.

There are many different paths and solutions to achieving, preserving and protecting healthy skin. We want to be the guides to get you there!

Are you ready for expert advice and a professional blueprint of your own? 

Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation here!

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