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Fall Skin Focus: brightening, smoothing, and nourishment! 

Fall is officially here! Which means it’s time to slow down and enjoy all the warm and cozy things that this season brings. In the skincare realm, fall is when correction begins! 

Post-summer skin is typically dry and dehydrated, has increased texture, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots or speckled pigmentation. We’ve put together a list of essentials to target post-summer skin conditions and build a result-driven, corrective regimen from home!

Want to skip straight to products? All of our Fall Essentials are linked to shop here!

Ready to learn more? We expand on our recommended essentials below!

Fall Essentials for brightening, smoothing, and nourishing! 

1. A gentle cleanser!

Our favorite? Liras Illuminating Cleanser. It’s creamy, brightening, and nourishing while still providing an effective cleanse. It’s everything and more you should expect from a gentle cleanser.

Did you know that cleansers fall into two categories, resting and active?

Active cleansers will have a more intense exfoliating component- salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are common actives for treating acne. Lactic acid or glycolic acid are commonly used in cleansers aimed at treating pigmentation and aging skin. 
Resting cleansers are for daily cleansing, and not correction. They cleanse and purify, still working to brighten, hydrate and reduce oil buildup but won’t strip your skin of moisture. 

Pro-tip: If you’re an oily or acne skin type, we recommend rotating between an active cleanser and gentle to maintain a balanced moisture barrier during the cooler months.

2. Chemical Exfoliant!

Exfoliation at least once a week is key- especially in the cooler months. Did you know that the way dead skin cells lay on your skin will buildup overtime and prevent proper product absorption? So if you’re not exfoliating properly, you’ll not only have visibly dull skin, you may notice that while your skin feel dry, or even appears dull, your skin may feel greasy throughout the day from unabsorbed products sitting on the surface.

We prefer chemical exfoliants because they rely on acids and enzymes to digest dead skin instead of facial scrubs that have to be physically manipulated on the skin. Scrubs won’t have the same exfoliation properties as chemical exfoliants and can be too abrasive for some skin types. Scrubs are easy to get carried away with by using too firm of pressure or scrubbing too frequently! The goal with exfoliation is to remove dead skin while avoiding disrupting your moisture barrier and sensitizing your skin.

Our top-pick?! Lira’s best-selling Anti Aging Peel Pads! They are formulated with retinol, brightening properties, minerals and six different acids and enzymes. They are everything and more when it comes to your weekly exfoliation. An all-in-one solution to keep your routine simple, yet effective!

3. Retinol Retinol Retinol!

Retinols are the holy grail when it comes to smoothing lines, refining pore size and texture, correcting pigmentation, rejuvenating damaged cells and maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin! When it comes to retinol use- finding the correct formulation and frequency of application is key.

4. Brightening Serum!

For pigmentation concerns, a brightening serum paired with a retinol is a must! 

Our favorite? Lira’s ProLite Serum will not only inhibit new dark spot production, but it will work on lightening current pigmentation on the surface of your skin. When used twice a day, results are visibly clear and undeniable!

Other benefits? ProLite uses natural brighteners, but is as strong as prescription grade lightening products, and much healthier for your skin! It’s anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing making it a favorite amongst our acne and rosacea clients as well.

5. Moisturizer!

Moisturizers hydrate, protect and nourish the skin, making them another key component to adjust with seasonal changes. Nourished skin is healthy skin, which is why it’s even more important to have a moisturizer that’s formulated to suit your current skin type and condition.

Two of our faves:

  • Lira’s Lift Creme offers incredible hydration and a unique peptide complex for firming the skin! Ideal for dehydrated and normal skin types. 
  • Lira’s Caviar Creme is an ultra-rich, ultra-luxurious moisturizer that contains contains minerals, plant stem cells, and an advanced peptide complex for dry/aging skin!

Pro-tip: Have a moisturizer you love but feel like you need more hydration and nourishment? Try adding a few drops of oil to your moisturizer or add in a sleeping mask to your regimen! 

If you’re looking for help to create a more personalized regimen, our estheticians are always available to talk about your skin! Email us here or schedule an in-depth consultation here.

Comment below with any questions you have or topics you would like to hear more about!

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