Green Herb

Meet the star of collagen stimulation and skin smoothing! It is one of our favorite professional products to cocktail into corrective treatments! Green Herb is also a natural alternative to microneedling treatments. That’s right! Microneedling benefits and results but with no down time!


Lira’s green power, a powder solution, formulated with batiaga river sponge, mystiha, and minerals, not only kick starts collagen production but reduces inflammation and brightens the skin. It’s also an acid-free product that uses natural herbs to deliver incredible results without the use of harsh chemicals.

A few benefits of the key herbal ingredients: 

Batiaga River Sponge also known as Spongia Officinalis, is a type of sponge used in medicine and herbalism. This fine ingredient has optimum tightening effects on lackluster and sagging skin.

Green Tea has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps in reducing inflammation and redness in the skin. It can also help reduce aging and acne by fighting bacterial growth on the skin.

Mastiha has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. It balances oil production, giving the skin a radiant, healthy appearance. Mastiha also has a tightening effect that helps aid in fighting wrinkles and keeping the skin youthful.


The green herb powder is mixed into a carrier solution and is then manually massaged into the skin. It’s fast, efficient and extremely effective. The goal is to create micro channels that allow for immediate and progressive product absorption. 

You can think similarly to how micro-needling creates channels through needle punctures, the herb creates these channels with natural fibers being worked into the skin instead. This makes it a non-invasive way to get similar results. The carrier mixed with our green herb during your treatment depends on desired depth and results, but is selected by your esthetician. The fibers can stay in the skin for up to 48 hours creating lasting product absorption and texture reduction!

Who needs Green Herb?

Whether you’re seeing us for preventative care or are on a corrective treatment plan, Green Herb is an incredible enhancement that we use frequently for most clients! It’s also a great pregnancy safe treatment!

The only clients who are not candidates are those with active pustule acne or sensitized skin. 

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of Green herb:

  • creates luminous skin
  • improved texture and reduced scarring
  • supple skin + fine line improvement 
  • deeper product absorption for several days following treatment
  • increases healthy cell turnover for stronger collagen production
  • improves pigmentation

Do you want to treat yourself to a green herb treatment? Book here or if you’re a new client at Spiral, schedule for our New Client Skin Treatment to begin your services!

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