Skin Treatments at Spiral! 

Skin Treatments

Are you tired of having facials or skin treatments that don’t do anything for your skin? Do you have skin concerns and goals but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. We hear this all the time. Our response? Your skin treatments and skin care should be delivering results. Trying to navigate this on your own can be overwhelming- and this is where our approach to skin started!

Skin, simplified, is our promise to you! We’ve spent years working on our approach to skin and a service menu that upholds our value in providing you with the most result-driven experience.

Here’s everything you need to know!

As clinical estheticians, we use a progressive approach to treatments that prioritizes the integrity and long-term health of your skin. We read your skin at every visit, and adjust your treatment accordingly. Our priority is always maintaining your confidence in knowing that every treatment with us not only aligns with your current skin condition, but prioritizes your overall skin goals.

Services at Spiral: the run-down.

There are so many factors in skin health! It can be confusing as a client to know what treatment will be best month to month. We keep our menu simple, so you can rely on the expertise of your esthetician to treat your skin accordingly.  We’ve given ourselves time and more inclusive options for treatment so you don’t have to waste time trying to determine the right treatment for your skin when scheduling with us.

We have 4 types of treatments:  

New Client Treatment + Consultations

This is where you’ll begin! This treatment includes a full skin analysis and time to get to know you, your skin, your lifestyle and your goals. We make sure all the bases are covered- home care included so please feel free to bring your skincare from home or pictures of what you’re using.

Corrective Treatment 

The spiral standard for on-going corrective and maintenance treatments. This treatment gives your esthetician the time and flexibility to assess and treat your skin.

Luxe Treatments

An elevated, corrective experience! You pick your focus- green herb collagen induction, LED, Dermaplaning, light chemical peel, and we customize the rest! These treatments are longer, more luxurious and include treatment on your neck and decollete.

Chemical Peels

These are targeted peel treatments that have to be approved by your esthetician upon booking. Chemical peels require a clinical homecare regimen to ensure that your skin is not only properly prepped and ready for a peel treatment, but that you’re set up to continue seeing results and maintain those results at home. 

While there are so many factors in skin health, your skin treatments and skin care products should be delivering results. Period.

We’ve seen the transformation power of clinical skincare and a corrective treatment plan. Regardless of what you would like to improve with your skin, whether its dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, or other skin sensitivities, we have your solution. Results are possible with consistency and commitment to the process.

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