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Experience the smart peel difference with Lira Clinical!

Experience a new kind of chemical peel with Lira Clinical Smart Peels. 

Chemical exfoliation designed to correct, lighten and hydrate skin!

The difference— 

Lira Clinical treatments offer a gradual approach to skin correction that gently delivers results and prioritizes the long-term health of your skin! Their award-winning formulas and ingredients effectively combine the power of science and nature to quickly transform your skin, providing a brighter, smoother and more radiant complexion.

Getting started—

Before receiving any Lira Clinical peels, we will ensure you have treatment-ready skin that is nourished and protected. From your twice daily homecare routine, to weekly at-home treatments, your custom routine will ensure you receive the most benefit from your in-clinic peels!

What to expect—

Gone are the days of scary, intense, aggressive peeling! 

Lira Clinical created their Smart Peel System to offer results without irritation, compromised skin and downtime. More often than not, clients will have minimal flaking from their peel treatment due to the healing minerals, plant-derived stem cells and brightening antioxidants within the peel formulation. Lira treatments prioritize skin barrier protection, so your skin is being nourished and protected while being treated.

We send you home with full instructions on how to care for your skin post-treatment. If the skin is going to flake, you can expect that 48 hours after the initial treatment. The goal after a deeper exfoliating treatment is to keep the skin calm and hydrated. No added heat, exfoliants, or topical stimulants. Your custom Lira homecare regimen is already perfectly set up to nourish your skin post-treatment. Very minimal changes to your routine are needed other than omitting exfoliants and retinols.

Why peels?—

Regardless of your skin concern, Lira’s Smart Peel systems are a powerful component in effectively treating unwanted skin conditions and to help you quickly attain your skin goals! 

Chemical peels are used to target and correct:

  • Acne, rosacea + overall redness
  • Texture, pore size + dullness
  • Aging: lines, wrinkles, + dark spots

Our clients who are experiencing the most dramatic results and maintaining them are those who are not only committed to their daily home care regimen, but also their in-clinic treatment plan. Achieving results is an on-going process that takes commitment and consistency. 

If you are unhappy with your skin, we can help! Schedule for a consult HERE to talk smart peels!

The SPIRAL approach—

We’re advanced peel certified! Not only do we have extensive training on chemical peels, we have experience in safe + effective treatment of all global skin types, and conditions. We have access to top-tier protocols that were developed to create lasting changes and results in client treatments.

This is why you don’t have to worry about common chemical peel misconceptions like…

  • They will disrupt your skin barrier
  • They will burn the skin or create long-term sensitivities 
  • You have to see visible peeling and irritation for results
  • They are not safe for sensitive or rosacea skin types 

Our gradual approach to results, safely peels the skin, provides immediate and long-term changes in your skin, and will be an experience you enjoy!

Get started on your custom corrective treatment plan, book a consult HERE.

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