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Prepping For Your First Brazilian Wax!

Who reeeeaaaally wants to deal with prickly hairs, razor burn and shaving every other day just for a few hours of smooth skin!? Yea- no thanks! While everything about your first brazilian wax can be intimidating, and we get that, it’s new territory for you. We’ve also been in this long enough to know that it’s 1000% worth it. We hear it all the time!

Is your first wax going to be painful, yes. Is it as bad as you’re imagining though? 99% of the time, no. 

Awkward? Also, no. We know all the things to keep it comfortable for you, and that’s including positioning- no yoga moves necessary here! 

After your second wax, we’re both experts. Your appointments get shorter. Your skin is smooth for at least a week. The hair is softer and thinner. And you’ll LOVE not having to do any maintenance yourself. Let that sink in a minute- no more awkward angles and positions in the shower shaving only to still find hairs you missed. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know…

The Basics.

Hair Length. We recommend hairs being at least a quarter of an inch to half an inch long. Is your hair longer than that? Leave it for your esthetician. We will trim before waxing if need be. 

Skin Prep. Gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin the day before to soften follicles. 

Allergies. Make sure your esthetician is aware of any allergies you may to ensure that the wax, skin-prep solutions and post-care don’t cause a reaction.  

Sensitive Skin? We recommend finding a place that uses hard wax. Hard wax tends to be more gentle on the skin as it wraps around the hair follicle instead of adhering to your skin like a soft-wax. Some estheticians will use a combination of both so you can request all hard wax if you’re sensitive. 

Post-Wax. Be prepared for some inflammation and for your skin to feel tender following your first wax. We offer a cooling hydro-jelly mask post-wax to calm and soothe the skin but you can also ice following your wax.

Tanning. Do not tan 24 hrs before OR after your wax. Do not wax if skin is sunburned.

Spray Tan. Wait24 hrs AFTER your wax. Waxing will remove any color on the skin.

Working Out. Wait 24hrs after a wax, especially for biking/spin classes. 

Hot Tub. They can be bacteria-central. We HIGHLY recommend waiting 24-48hrs before any hot-tubbing. 

Shaving. Shaving will take you back to square one, don’t shave between appointments! If you miss an appointment or two, we recommend trimming for maintenance. 

Time Between Wax Appointments. It’s best to stay consistent with your wax appointments and come every 4-5 weeks. Your esthetician will help you determine the amount of time that’s best for you based on your hair growth. 

Maintenance. Exfoliating + nourishing your skin between appointments is KEY in preventing red bumps, ingrown hairs, and pigmentation that can come with it. We recommend FUR to all of our clients. FUR Oil daily and Silk Scrub + dry-brushing once or twice a week to exfoliate.

Waxing Before an Event

DO NOT get your first brazilian wax immediately before anything important. Everyone’s skin can react differently and your skin will be more sensitive + susceptible to irritations for 24 hrs. 

Brides. One of the most important days of our lives. We always recommend that our clients start waxing 3-6 months before the wedding. Trust us, it’s worth the commitment. For the “wedding wax”, we have our clients come in 2-3 days prior to their wedding day. 

Vacation. 1-2 days before you’ll be beach-side or pool-side. Your skin will be more susceptible to a sunburn and other irritations for 24hrs. 

Date-night. Day before, always.


“How bad does it hurt?” We always make our clients promise us two appointments! Your first is always the worst, but 99.9% of the time it’s not as bad as you’ve built it up to be. If you’ve been shaving, your hair follicles will be tight due to the abrasiveness of razor blades. Waxing softens the follicles over time so it gets a lot better after your initial wax.

“Can you wax while on your period?” Yes! This is very common. Your skin will feel more tender but you’ll still leave with the same hair free + smooth skin experience.

“Why am I getting skin irritations 1-2 weeks after waxing?” This is when one of your hair growth cycles is about to surface. Coarse hairs, damaged follicles, workouts, and lack of exfoliating and skin nourishment can all contribute to irritation during this time. We recommend exfoliating at least once to twice a week and using FUR oil twice a day during this week, and the following.

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