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Retinol Age-by-Age

If there was ever a fountain of youth, we’d bet that it was flowing with retinol! No matter your age, here’s a quick guide to the kind of results that your retinol should be delivering and why you need to prioritize retinol in your routine!

Your 20’s: The prevent, preserve + protect era.

AKA the time for learning how to take care of your skin and for developing good habits. Your skin is youthful, supple and still producing larger amounts of collagen and elastin. The key to preventing premature aging and preserving your youthful skin is protecting your skin at all costs!

Skincare concerns? We find they’re typically surrounding breakouts, excess oil production, dehydrated or textured skin, and expression lines beginning to creep in. 

Introducing retinol in your 20’s is aimed mostly to preserve and protect the health of your skin! It prevents the breakdown of essential antioxidants and proteins that keep your skin firm and functioning properly. While retinol is a powerhouse for slowing down the aging process, it will also give you visible results for skincare concerns that may arise over time, which is a WIN WIN in our book. 

Here’s what you should expect to see from retinol use in your 20’s: 

  • Minimized texture and pore size
  • Regulated oil production and acne formation
  • Reduced redness, pigment and acne scarring
  • Hydrated and supple skin barrier

Your 30’s: The treat, preserve + protect era. 

The time in your life where the health of your skin begins to reflect how well you’ve taken care of it over the years. Your lifestyle, wellness habits, and genetics also come in to play more readily with your overall skin health and skincare results. 

Your 30’s are the years we begin to see pigmentation from sun exposure, hormone imbalances or acne scarring show up. Fine lines can begin appearing around the eyes, forehead and mouth. Redness, dullness and texture issues will also commonly arise from lack of care?

Don’t worry, this can all be treated, and reversed, with commitment! The key? Understanding your skin type and conditions, and using skincare that is curated for YOU and your needs. Retinol is a key piece of that and will give you noticeable results for what concerns you see, but also continue to preserve your skin and prevent signs of aging that you’re not seeing just yet. 

Here’s what you should expect from retinol use in your 30’s: 

  • Strengthened skin to keep expression lines from getting deeper
  • Smoother skin and more vibrant appearance
  • Reduced dark spots and redness 
  • Regulated oil production and balanced hydration 
  • Improved acne conditions 

Your 40’s: The treat, correct + protect era.

Consistency is key, always, but when it comes to skincare and the overall health of your skin in your 40’s, proper skin care and treatments are even more important! This can make all the difference in preventing the need to pursue more invasive, and costly treatments to reverse signs of aging. Your 40’s is when we see deeper expression lines, increased pore size, dark spots, and overall loss of firmness in the skin.

Retinol aids your skin by increasing the absorption of other key ingredients in your routine. Peptides, antioxidants, and other skin brighteners are all vital to the overall health of your skin, and retinol is the driving force to get these ingredients where they need to go. 

Retinol benefits your skin during this time by:

  • Encouraging the exfoliation of dead, stagnant skin cells 
  • Regulating and stimulating collagen production 
  • Strengthening skin to prevent deep wrinkling
  • Smoothing the texture and tone of skin
  • Repairing skin cells to brighten skin and prevent dark spots

50’s, 60’s, and beyond: The correct, protect, and strengthen era’s. 

We’ve been questioned time and time again why skincare is worth investing in after visible signs of aging have set in, and we hear this especially from women who didn’t do much with their skin in their younger years. We’re here to tell you that your skin is always worth investing in. At any age. Period. 

What we’ve seen from clients in their 50’s and 60’s just starting clinical skincare is the reason why we are here, and why we feel so passionately about skin treatments! The volume gain, aka firming and toning of the skin, the pigmentation and redness reduction, and texture refinement possibilities are REAL. (Just scroll through some of our before + afters!) 

We all age, the goal is to support your skin to ensure it is healthy and getting the nutrients it needs as we age. Retinol, as always, is a large piece of that puzzle. With commitment to the process, the right products will give you bright, beautiful, healthy skin that you can be proud of at any age. 

Here’s how retinol aids in healthy aging during your 50’s, 60’s and every year after:

  • Increases oxygen supply, improving circulation, preventing dullness and strengthening blood vessels to reduce redness 
  • Improves skin’s water barrier for healthy skin function, aka supple skin
  • Improves elasticity and bounce back
  • Refines texture and tone of skin
  • Promotes cell turnover, keeping a brighter, more youthful appearance 
  • Assists in product absorption to guide other ingredients deeper into the skin 

In Conclusion

Retinol is a key component of skin correction and treatment that is valuable at any age. It’s equally as important however to find products that not only treat and correct skin conditions, but preserve and protect the overall health of your skin over time. That’s why prioritizing a daily skincare regimen created around YOUR skincare needs is such a game-changer for results. —-book a consult to find yours, HERE.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; You should be seeing visible results from your skincare! Ready to find the perfect retinol for you? Read our retinol guide next to find which retinol is best for you —- HERE!

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